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By The Insects

‘The Living and the Dead’ Soundtrack Digital Download

On 12, Aug 2016 | 82 Comments | In News | By The Insects


  1. Got it and love it. Thank you. ?

  2. Thank you so much for this!!!!! I just bought it and it’s so amazing!! Again thank you for making it available!

  3. Hello,

    what is it that I would receive when I buy this album;
    is it a cd/dvd that is send to my address or is it a download with the music files?

    • The Insects

      Hi Marjolein,

      The soundtrack is a digital download.
      All the best

      The Insects

  4. Wonderful soundtrack!

  5. Hi, Is this soundtrack going to be available on CD ?
    If not is this download available worldwide, I’m in Australia

    • The Insects

      Hi Damon. The soundtrack is not available on CD but is downloadable in Australia.
      All the best

      The Insects

  6. It is incredible, thank you so much for making it available.

  7. Hi are all the tracks from the series on this download? Are you
    The artist?

    • The Insects

      Hi Carole,
      Yes we wrote the tracks.Not all the tracks are on this download -we wrote over 200 pieces for the show – but all the featured songs are on there.

      All the best

      Tim Norfolk/ The Insects

  8. Hi- love the music and have just downloaded it (thanks again for making it available), but I don’t seem to be able to open the files? Any idea where I may be going wrong..?


    • The Insects

      Hi Rebekah,
      The file is a compressed ZIP file which should open when you double click on it. If this doesn’t work try downloading an app which will uncompress the ZIP – there are loads of free ones. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

      All the best
      Tim Norfolk/ The insects

      • I’ve downloaded it too and can’t open it, tried everything.


        • The Insects

          Hi Rod,
          How are you getting on ? Yes a few people have had problems – many of those were using old operating systems particularly Windows. Can you not try downloading onto a different computer – you can download more than once. If this is not possible let me know and we will refund you.

          All the best

          The Insects

  9. Thanks for the soundtrack guys, brilliant to hear old english music brought to life again, and genius points for getting Elizabeth Fraser to lend her vocal talents 🙂
    Regard, Paul

  10. I just bought and downloaded this and I got nothing. Am I doing something wrong?

    • The Insects

      Hi Phillip,
      The file you downloaded is a compressed ZIP file which should open when you double click on it. If this doesn’t work try downloading an app which will uncompress the ZIP – there are loads of free ones. Let me know if this doesn’t work.

      Tim / The Insects

  11. I was captivated by the soundtrack you created for ‘The Living and The Dead’, and then lo and behold transfixed when in the middle of episode 1 I heard the umistakable Elizabeth Fraser sing ‘She Moves Through the Fair’ and also ‘The Lover’s Ghost’. How wonderful to hear her sing again. Thank you for bringing some magic to our lives in these dark days.

    • The Insects

      Thanks so much Sanjit. Elizabeth Fraser is indeed a wonderful and unique singer and it was a privilege to work with her. Hopefully we can persuade her to do some more tracks.
      Yes these are dark and disturbing days. To quote Elvis Costello ‘What’s so funny ’bout Love Peace and Understanding ?’

      All the best,

      Tim Norfolk/ The Insects

  12. The Insects AND elizabeth… this has made my year..

  13. I don’t know how but I managed to open the files on media player so please accept my apologies and ignore my previous correspondence. Regards, Brian

    • The Insects

      That’s good news Brian ! Hope you enjoy the music.

      The Insects


  15. Downloaded and listened to thoroughly, absolutely sublime, excellent soundtrack, great work, cannot wait to see what you have for us with Season 2.

    The Reapers Ghost is Beautiful!

  16. I fell in love with the music of this series straightaway and it really adds to the atmospheric beauty of this great drama. I hoped that one way or another I would be able to buy the music and so I am delighted to find that you’ve made it available as a download. Thank you so much! I did have problems opening the file too after I’d downloaded it – even though I’ve got Windows 10 – but I used the other link that you’ve posted above in a reply to a previous comment and that works fine.

  17. Ethereal and love it.

  18. Beautiful music! Thank you!

  19. Hi I just purchased the album but it wont play after I downloaded it. Tried everything,

    • The Insects

      Hi Soma,
      The file you downloaded is a compressed ZIP file.This needs to be ‘unzipped’ to access the music. Usually double clicking on the file will do the trick.Windows 10 should be fine for this – otherwise you can get loads of free apps that will deal with ZIP files.

      Let us know if you have further problems,

      All the best

      The Insects

  20. LOVE the soundtrack, love the show! Thanks for making it available guys! It’s like listening to a modern day version of Paul Giovanni’s The Wicker Man soundtrack! Haunting!

    • The Insects

      Thanks Shane !

      The Insects

  21. Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for releasing that wonderful soundtrack! Any case of buying individual tracks instead of the whole album?


  22. Hi,

    Great to find this soundtrack available, it’s a major part of my enjoyment of the series, and Elizabeth Fraser’s version of She Moves Through The Fair is just wonderful.

    What format is the download? I always buy lossless files (FLAC) if at all possible, but I guess it is more likely to be mp3? If so is there any chance of a lossless option?


    • The Insects

      Thanks Ewan. No I’m afraid the soundtrack is only available as an mp3 at the moment but we’ve done everything we can to ensure the best possible quality in that format.

  23. Hi. I’ve just tried to download this soundtrack but couldn’t open it. I got a zip file opener app but it just says the file is currupted

  24. Hi again. I’ve now had to delete the download as I couldn’t access it & it messed up my tablet.

    • The Insects

      We’ll look into this Vicky and if we can’t resolve the problem, we’ll give you a full refund.

  25. Hi there – just downloaded this fantastic soundtrack – thanks for publishing it. Can I ask – is it possible to get an uncompressed version? A .wav or FLAC file maybe?

    Many thanks.

    • The Insects

      Thanks Neil. No it’s only available as an mp3 at the moment but please keep an eye on our website for any future release on different formats. The Insects

  26. Thanks guys!
    As an ex pat living in the States this music was the perfect soundtrack to something so gorgeously filmed that it made me quite homesick… looking forward to hearing more in the near future..

    Thanks once again

    • The Insects

      Thanks for your kind words Rich. Hope you’re not feeling too homesick! The Insects

  27. Who is the singer on She Moves Through The Fair?

    • The Insects

      Hi Bill, Elizabeth Fraser sings “She Moves Through the Fair,” she also sings “The Lover’s Ghost.”

  28. Hi guys, just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent soundtrack for THE LIVING AND THE DEAD. And the album is a great companion to the series.

    I was wondering if any additional music will be made available at some point in the future, perhaps on your Soundcloud page? With so much music being composed for a series such as this, there’s several pieces that featured on-screen that didn’t make it on the album – maybe even because these track titles contained spoilers?!



    • The Insects

      Thank you Alan. We may well make additional music from the series available so please keep an eye on our website for info. SPOILERS?! There are a couple aren’t there. OUCH!

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply.

        I was wondering whether you specifically orchestrated the music for the ‘modern day’ aspect of the story any differently from Nathan’s time period? Or whether you used specific music?


        • The Insects

          We did a bit of both if I’m honest Alan. We tried to make the modern day music subtly different so as not to be too in your face.

  29. Where’s the tracklist before purchasing? Just gives option to paypal or credit but no listing first!. Cheers.

  30. Who is singing the title sound track please

    • The Insects

      Mark Legassick aka Howlin’ Lord.

  31. Is this going to be available to download from amazon uk?

    • The Insects

      No. Only available from our website.

      • I did purchase through your website. Had a problem unzipping the file on my android phone but managed it with an app called RAR. Winzip wouldn’t work which was weird as that’s the original. Anyway, it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

        Well done for the great music, the album and for making it available.

        • The Insects

          Thank you Paul and thanks for RAR app tip. I’ll certainly let others know if they have the same problem.

  32. Strangely it seems you missed out answering my question?

    Where’s the tracklist before purchasing? Just gives option to paypal or credit but no listing first!. Cheers.

    • The Insects

      Sorry Martin I did miss you out. I had to go and remind myself of the album track list! Here it is below.

      1. The Living and the Dead
      2. Nathan and Agnes
      3. The Brave Ploughboy
      4. She Moves Through The Fair
      5. Harriet Lake
      6. Trapper’s Story
      7. The Reaper’s Ghost
      8. Corn Flower
      9. Cut Lip
      10. The Lover’s Ghost
      11. Dandelion
      12. Fields of Smoke
      13. The Reaper’s Ghost Version
      14. Maggots
      15. Clarity
      16. Suicide Note
      17. Maude Dies
      18. A Lyke Wake Dirge

      • Looks great and will purchase later. Well done on yet more stunning music. Cheers.

        • The Insects

          Thank you very much.

  33. How did you go about getting Elizabeth Fraser to sing on this beautiful soundtrack? Cocteau Twins ate my all-time favorite group and she has the voice of god! Thx for the brilliant music. Craig

    • The Insects

      How did we go about getting Elizabeth Fraser to sing on the soundtrack? I went round her house and asked her. She only lives up the road from me! We were though very chuffed when she said she’d give it a go and you’re right, she certainly has an amazing voice. Thanks for your kind words Craig. Bob

  34. A most interesting list. Is it possible to get a snippet listen the tracks as I get when downloading my Apple music>

    • The Insects

      Sorry Denis we’re not set up to do that. I guess you’ll have to bite the bullet and pray that the album is as good as some people say it is?!

  35. Totally loved the music from the series, please release on CD and not just poxy download!!!! I want!!!

    • The Insects

      We’ve no plan to release on CD presently Julia but I promise you we’ve done everything possible to make our poxy download sound er not poxy!

  36. Hi I have already paid. How to download?

  37. Got my DVD today – and fell in love with the soundtrack after hearing the theme the first time. Five minutes later I’d found the download and bought it. Brilliant!!!! Thanks a lot for the wonderful music. Greetings from Germany from a new fan.

  38. Excellent soundtrack. I was really looking forward to being able to listen to it while out and about but somehow it will not download. also I have not received an email with a link. I have used 6 of the 10 downloads and all have failed.

    • The Insects

      Hi Paul,
      Check out our download info on the ‘news’ section on our home page – I think we have covered all scenarios but let us know if you’re still having problems and we will sort it out for you.

      All the best,

      Tim /The insects

  39. The movie is so good!and this music! i love The Reaper’s Ghost so much!! but,i pay this line ,haven’t find where is the music.why?

  40. Just downloaded this, so glad you made these tracks accessible. No problems here.

  41. Thank you for the great soundtrack to the best thing on tv this year.I am so upset series 2 is cancelled.I just pray another network picks it up to allow it to continue.Congratulations for the music and the show.

  42. I’ve just bought it, now it’s in downloading. I really love the soundtrack in the serial, so I could’t resist!
    Nice job. Have a good day.

  43. Hi,
    Just downloaded the soundtrack, it worked straight away for me (mac user)
    It sounds wonderful.
    Were there any more Elizabeth Fraser songs?
    There’s a snippet of a song called the Purple Pileus, is this an Insects production?
    Thanks for the beautiful music…btw I also adore the album Hometime you produced for Alison Moyet!

  44. THANK YOU!!! I’m a bt late catching on to the download but I am delighted to now have the download of The Living & The Dead soundtrack. Your wonderful music has haunted me since watching the series and no version of Lyke Wake Dirge would do for me but yours. Stunning album. Sounds fantastic, even better than I remembered. Do you ever play ‘live’?

    I love your work. (Did you do that swishing sound for Wire in the Blood?) Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  45. Hi,
    (I hope someone’s still reading…) I love the series and was particularly charmed by The Reaper’s Ghost. Can I purchase that one song without having to buy the whole album?

    Thanks in advance!


    • The Insects

      Hi Mark. Sorry but we are not set up to sell single tracks.

      All the best,

      The Insects

  46. Really nice stuff – great work (i ordered)! I HOPE the second episode will be produced. Why wouldn’t BBC? The story is good:

  47. Hello,

    I love the soundtrack, I really do, but what I’d love even more would be the whole soundtrack or at least most of it. I really like the classic pieces in between and not just the featured songs. And I love hard-copies, so to say 😉 Something I can touch, with a booklet that contains the texts of the songs that I like so much. Your music deserves such a display. Will this be available at some point?
    With best wishes

  48. CS

    Thank you so much for making the soundtrack available! I *love* the music from The Living and the Dead, and am so happy I can hear it without having to marathon the season.

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