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By The Insects

Album download information

On 12, Jul 2016 | 2 Comments | In News | By The Insects

We’ve noticed that a few of you have had problems downloading the ‘The Living and the Dead’ soundtrack album. Hope this information will be helpful.

The music files you have downloaded are mp3s in a ZIP File that will need to be uncompressed (unzipped) before you can access them.

Depending on your device there are different ways to unzip the mp3s.

Often just double clicking or right clicking the file will unzip it.

If it’s an android or apple tablet you will need a third party app. There are many free ones available.

Here are some links that should help:

iPhone & iPad (iOS)

Android phone or tablet

Windows PC

You can use the download link provided up to 10 times which you can use for different devices or the same device if necessary.

If you still have problems, let us know and we’ll try to help you further and of course if all else fails we will send you a full refund.

Many thanks

The Insects


  1. How do I buy the other tracks on your soundcloud page?

    • The Insects

      Hi Anne,
      The only tracks we have for sale are from ‘The Living and the Dead’. Are there any particular tracks you would like to have ?

      All the best

      The Insects

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