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Recorded Works

The Insects have always been involved in projects with other artists – as either writers, producers, arrangers or session players.

5 Billion in Diamonds.“5 Billion in Diamonds” album (2017). Mixing tracks.

Kanye West.’Life of Pablo’ album. Co-writing on ‘Freestyle 4’

Pablo 1

The Flies. “Pleasure yourself” album(2015). Writing and production.
Mother Beef. Album(2013)Production
Goan Dogs. Tracks(2012)Production
The Flies “All Too Human” album(Universal/No Carbon Records)Production and writing
Alison Moyet ”Hometime” album .Production & sessions
Goldfrapp “Human” track from Felt Mountain album. Co-write
Alpha “The Impossible Thrill” album (Melankolic) – sessions
Day One. “Day One” album . Co-production. Sessions
Madonna/Massive Attack “I want you” track. Arrangement & sessions
MCraft ”Come to my senses” single (679 Records)Production
Robert Plant “Siren” track.Remix
Massive Attack “Hunter gets captured by the game” from Batman Forever album.Arrangement & sessions.

Tricky “Pumpkin” track from Maxinquaye album.Co-production.
Massive Attack “Euro Child” from Protection album.Co-write & sessions
Massive Attack “Karma Coma” from Protection album.Co-write & sessions.
Strangelove “All because of you “album track.Production.

Skin (album/Island Records) as Startled Insects with Biggie Tembo
Life Pulse (album/Island Records) as Startled Insects
Curse of the Pheremones (album/Island Records) as Startled Insects
Underworld (album/Antenna Records) as Startled Insects
Overzoom (album/Antenna Records) as Startled Insects