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Death comes to Pemberley

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By The Insects

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Death comes to Pemberley

Adapted from P.D.James imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice, Death Comes to Pemberley (Origin Picturesis a costume drama with a murder mystery twist in the tail.This was a great opportunity to work with director Daniel Percival again and with a great cast and production values.

Some of the main themes were written prior to actual filming as a response to Juliette Towhidi’s wonderful screenplay and our aim from the outset was to knit together the two genres, making reference to the period and at the same time creating a contemporary  ‘whodunnit’ score.

Pemberley 3

We opted for a piano led score,with accompanying harp,flute,horns,chamber strings and – in places – female vocals. We also made use of the Ondes Martenot (an early electronic instrument) which supplements the more conventional instrumentation.

The result is some of our most melodic and tuneful – and certainly our most lyrical – film music.

By The Insects

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Wire in the Blood

Wire in the Blood (ITV Drama) was based on Val McDermids cult crime novels of the same name.
The show has been incredibly successful, eventually running to 6 series and selling to over 80 countries. Much of the credit for this success goes to producer Sandra Jobling (Coastal Productions) who always maintained the originality and quality of the writing, who brought in an array of very talented directors and actors and was always striving to improve and progress the show.

Fortunately for us we stayed onboard and wrote the music for all 6 series. 1

Special mention to Robson Green whose superb portrayal of criminal profiler Tony Hill was central to the shows success.

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By The Insects

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Rocket Man

Everything starts with the script .If you get that right, chances are you’ll have a good film.

Rocket Man is good example. It’s a beautifully written and original piece – a bitter/sweet comedy that can really pull on the heart strings or just make you laugh. It also has some great ensemble acting.

Rocket man new 2

So this was an opportunity to write a lighter, whimsical sometimes romantic score and also create some genuinely funny odd-ball music along the way.

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By The Insects

On 12, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In | By The Insects

Place Of Execution

This is a stunning adaptation of Val McDermid’s novel, brilliantly directed by Daniel Percival.

The series was nominated for The TV Dagger at the 2009 Crime Thriller Awards, and star Juliet Stevenson was awarded Best Actress on 21 October 2009 .

On one level the score inhabits the bleak melancholic Derbyshire landscape and its dark secrets,but it also keeps in step with highly paced and melodramatic narrative.

POE new 1

The music is notable for the haunting sound of the bowed psaltery, which is a zither of Appalachian origins.